My name is Suzanne Loh I was born and raised in Malaysia, but am currently living in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. I'm a professional model & dancer, teacher of Aerial Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, & Pole Dance, and also the founder of naturaLab. 

For years have suffered from unknown allergies, resulting in flaky skin during seasonal changes, occasional breakouts on my face and a red rash after using  beauty products that contain chemicals. I've tried many products and supplements but the positive effect, if any, is minimal. A very busy and irregular work schedule and frequent traveling has made my skin condition unstable. It is for these reasons that I considered making my own skincare products. 

After performing extensive research, I started making my own skincare with only natural ingredients. By using only ingredients I could find in my kitchen cabinets, I managed to make my own, chemical-free skincare products and significantly improved the condition of my skin. Unfortunately my heavy work schedule did not allow me enough time to produce  a proper stock of my skincare products. Work consumed so much time, that I had to stop making my own products for two years until I moved to Beijing, China in 2013.

While I was living in Chine my skin condition worsened significantly. The polluted air caused serious skin allergies and respiratory infections. It was then that I decided it was the time I started focusing more on making natural skincare products.

Over the years I shared my products with  friends and family suffering from similar issue as me. The handmade skincare products I gifted to friends & family were received with such positive and encouraging feedback, that I decided that I wanted more people to benefit from them. As a result I created my very first and unique skincare company - naturaLab in 2019.


All naturaLab products are handmade in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and only contain  natural ingredients. All naturaLab products are cruelty-free. naturaLab would love to share these products with those who need and love handmade, natural products. I truly  encourage people to experience what it feels like to use a true natural product on your skin. 

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