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naturaLab is founded by Suzanne Loh whom was born and raised in Malaysia, and currently lives in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. She's a professional model & dancer, teacher of Aerial Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, & Pole Dance.

For years she has suffered from unknown allergies, resulting in flaky skin during seasonal changes, the occasional breakouts on her face and a red rash after using beauty products that contained numerous chemicals. She have tried many products and supplements but the positive effect, if any, is minimal. A very busy and irregular work schedule and frequent traveling has made her skin condition unstable. It is for these reasons that she considered making own skincare products. 

After performing extensive research & formulations study, she started making soaps and skincare with only natural ingredients. By using ingredients that she could find in kitchen cabinets and local organic suppliers, she then managed to make her own, chemical-free products and significantly improved the condition of her skin. Unfortunately her heavy work schedule did not allow enough time to produce a proper stock of her skincare products. Work consumed so much time, that she had to stop making own products for two years until she moved to Beijing, China in 2013.

While she was living in China, her skin condition worsened significantly. The polluted air caused serious skin allergies and respiratory infections. It was then that she decided it was the time to started focusing more on making natural products.

Over the years she have shared handmade products with friends and family suffering from similar issue. The handmade soaps & skincare products that she gifted to friends & family were received with such positive and encouraging feedback, she then wanted more people to benefit from them. As a result she created her very first and unique soaps & skincares company - naturaLab in 2019.


All naturaLab products are handmade in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and only contain natural ingredients. All naturaLab products are cruelty-free, sustainable & recyclable packaging. Raw ingredients are sources carefully with reliable suppliers.


naturaLab products consist of CPSR (cosmetic product safety report), also called a safety report. These reports are mandatory for every cosmetic product placed on the market, complied with the EU Cosmetics Regulation (1223/2009).


naturaLab would love to share these products with those who need and love handmade, natural products. We truly encourage people to experience what it feels like to use a true natural product on your skin. 

naturaLab - naturaLiving

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