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Dealing with greasy utensils require extra cautions, the dish soap is made by 100% coconut oil, what a great way to get a good clean and not have to use that nasty chemical stuff. You can also use it to remove wax and grease from pans. Sparkling clean utensils no longer your worry. 


You can dilute small amount of soap with water and use it as all purpose cleaning detergent. 


The dish soap is packed with recycled PET bottles, nataraLab encourage users to reuse the bottles, or purchse the dish soap by using the empty bottles you have at home. By using refill or provide your own empty bottles, we offer 10% discount. Pick up & drop off is available in Amsterdam area, postage fees is not included. 


Please note the soaps are handemade in small batches , the color might be slightly different. This listing is for one bottle of soap only.


If skin irritation occurs, discontinue use.

dish soap

€ 9,00Price
  • squirt a small amount into hot water with dirty object inside, or apply directly onto dirty object and rinse with water.

  • potassium cocoate (coconut), aqua, sucrose (sugar), sodium lactate, citrus limon peel oil, lactobacillus ferment.

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